The scheme of Reasonable Accommodations at the Certificate Examinations (RACE) facilitates access to the certificate examinations by candidates who would have difficulty in accessing the examination or communicating what they know to an examiner because of a physical, visual, hearing and/or learning difficulty. The scheme assists candidates who have special educational needs to demonstrate what they know and can do in certificate examinations, without compromising the integrity of the assessment. The focus of the scheme is on removing barriers to access, while retaining the need to assess the same underlying skills and competencies as are assessed for all other candidates, and to apply the same standards of achievement as apply to all other candidates. The scheme provides accommodations for candidates with a variety of complex special educational needs including learning difficulties as well as permanent or temporary physical, visual, hearing, medical, sensory, emotional, behavioural or other conditions. 

If you believe that your child may be eligible under this scheme, please fill in the required form and return to the school. The closing date for completed applications for 2023 is the 13th January 2023. 

There is further information available on the RACE at www.examinations.ie, the school website and the student guide is available here: https://www.examinations.ie/schools/EN-1013-82615129.pdf School RACE Application Form (Can you attach the word document above to this) Reasonable Accommodations Student Guide 2023