Parents Association

A long established Parents’ Association, affiliated with the National Parents’ Council, is in place at Lanesboro Community College.

The group is open to all parents, and two elected members sit on the Board of Management, as the voice of the parents. They also work with the Student Council.

The association has been a great help in fund-raising and volunteering for school events, and are an integral part of the school community.

Member of Parents Council

  • Pamela Cassidy - Chairperson
    Colette Wyse - Vice Chair
    Katie Curran - Secretary
    Jennifer Connell - Vice Secretary
    Breda O Loughlin - Treasurer

Current Board of Management Members


  • Mr. Willie Dennigan (LWETB Representative)


  • Ms. Hazel Hannon (Principal)


  • Ms Josephine O’ Donnell (CEIST / Sisters of Mercy Representative)
  • Ms. Rose McCormack (CEIST / Sisters of Mercy Representative)
  • Fr. Turlough Baxter (CEIST / Sisters of Mercy Representative)
  • Mr. Colm Harte (LWETB Representative)
  • Ms. Tina Dowd (Parent Representative)
  • Mr. Shane Smyth (Parent Representative)
  • Ms. Mary O’ Brien (Teacher Representative)
  • Mr. Cóilín O’ Brien (Teacher Representative)
  • Cllr Gerald Farrell (LWETB Representative)
  • Cllr Mark Casey (LWETB Representative)

For further information on the functions and responsibilities of the board of management please click here